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Mindfulness Meditation

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Mindfulness opens the field of possibilities to those who wish to live more intensely and cultivate their happiness on a daily basis. In addition, it offers treasures of potential benefits in the management of our daily life and our health. It allows you to fully savor life and introduce calm and joy into it at every moment. Thanks to a better emotional and mental stability, our quality of life is improved, leading us to happiness.


More than a method, mindfulness can be defined as a “state of consciousness that results from paying attention, intentionally, in the present moment, without judging, to the experience that unfolds moment by moment” (J. Kabat-Zinn 2003). More specifically, mindfulness is a dimension of awareness that allows:

to provide an effort of attention to what is happening in the present, including our bodily and mental perception,

to disconnect from our mental representations,

to give us back a psychological freedom in order to see, think, feel and act in an optimal and happy way.


3 months

$ 99,25 + Tx/month

  • Unlimited lessons

6 months

$ 89,25 + Tx/month

  • Unlimited lessons

  • Save $ 60

  • Receive 2 cork Yoga blocks FREE (value of $60 before taxes)

12 months

$ 72 + Tx/month

  • Unlimited lessons

  • Save $ 60

  • Receive 2 cork Yoga blocks and 1 Deluxe Studio 6mm Mat FREE (value of $95 before taxes)


À la carte

1 class

$ 14 + tx

10 classes

$ 120 + tx

20 classes

$ 220 + tx


Virtual Studio

Yoga en línea

12 Months

Regular price 40$+tx/mois

  • 1 year membership for the virtual Yoga studio for only 35$+tx/month.

(Regular price 40$+tx)

  • Cancel anytime.

  • Unlimited Yoga classes.

*Only valid for online classes.

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