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We specialize in pathologies such as stress, anxiety, bursitis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, tendonitis, muscle tension, fibromyalgia and many other physical ailments.

MassOterra is a place offering services in massage therapy, physiotherapy, orthotherapy, sports massage, lymphatic drainage massage, reflexology, as well as many other techniques and specialized courses, all aimed at helping our clients to feel better.

Our goal is to help you feel and achieve your best. We train our specialists so that they are truly attentive to the needs of clients in order to give them a unique and specific treatment.

We also believe that in order to achieve real results, clients need to work from home with various stretching techniques, self-massage techniques, hot and cold therapy, as well as the use of different natural remedies. Our therapist can educate you on personal care to increase results.

Clients can also take a variety of yoga classes in order to have the tools and encouragement needed to reduce stress, anxiety and muscle tension and to give them the strength to get through life's ups and downs.

 This is the place to take care of YOU!



Our studio is spacious with ample space to practice your postures with ease. In addition, the room is equipped with infrared panels that heat up to 38-40 degrees Celcius for HOT YOGA and an anti-bacterial floor.



In our shop you will find personal care as well as wellness products. We have a wide range of essential oils as well as balms and rubefacens to relieve your emotional and physical ailments.  


In terms of body care, we have locally made soaps by Mary J's Essentials and C Magik as well as bath bombs. In addition, you will find creams, massage oils and cellulite care kits from the Canadian company, L'herbier body care.


We also have yoga accessories, meditation and self-massage stuff like rollers and balls for your home practices.

To make small gifts for your loved ones, you can look at our semi-precious stone jewelry or our boxes.  

All of our in-store products are designed with your well-being in mind.


When the infrared rays of the sun hit our skin, we feel heat. But why and how do infrared rays heat our body?  


What is infrared exactly?  If we speak of the sun which touches the skin, we speak of heat, of the electromagnetic spectrum essential to all terrestrial life. It is a source of energy that sets atoms and molecules in motion, causing beneficial heat.  


Infrared is part of this magnetic spectrum. It is to bring the beneficial effects of the sun  concentrated in the infrared cabin.

During an infrared sauna, the raysw penetrate up to 4 cm the skin tissue, causing strong sweating caused by the stimulation of vital internal organs, muscles and circulation, triggering a boost of energy in the immune system, muscles, blood circulation and oxygen in the skin.

At a temperature between 40-60 C., it dislodges sweat (80%  water and 20% of heavy materials). Fats, heavy metals, toxins and unwanted acids are liquidated.


No wonder that after a few sauna sessions, your health problems gradually diminish and possibly disappear completely at the end.

Here is a list of diseases and ailments that benefit from infrared rays.

Obesity, rheumatism and arthritis, joint inflammation, skin diseases, salt deposits, cellulitis (think sun here). Its warming and stimulating benefits can throw off a healing balm for back pain, myalgia, stress, bronchitis or asthma and upset stomach.


You will come out of each session like a new person, rested, purified, detoxified and strong of a renewed energy and interior release from all that slowed down your momentum in your daily occupations. This is not a trip to Hawaii but it is the best gift you can afford for little money while going about your business! Let the sun do its job without any effort on your part than to go there and relax in an atmosphere of serenity.



Our massage rooms are warm, welcoming and well equipped with effective rubefacient products, essential oils and hot therapies available to massage therapists to use according to your needs. Each room has its own music so you can adjust the genre and volume to your liking.


We even have a double room to come as a couple, with your children or with friends to share a relaxation and well-being activity.

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