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I help my clients create the life they truly want and remember how powerful they are.(5).p

Ready to master your mindset ?

Your mindset is everything.

Self-mastering this mindset is an art that can be learned.


If  you feel dissatisfaction in your physical, emotional and/or professional life and you are ready to make radical changes, I'm here to help you identify, articulate, take aim, and proceed  so that you can reshape your future and flourish.


Try a 30 minute session
for free and see if it’s right for you

There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.

Allowed me to improve both my psychological and physical health.

"I want to thank Natalie for her support and outstanding advice that has allowed me to improve both my psychological and physical health. She works on both fronts at the same time… She is always listening, content and caring… It allowed me to discover who I am and she taught me to listen to my intuition, and to love me more."

- Marina Mandalyan

What's included:

Walk away with:

01 - Personalized 1:1 Sessions

02 - Support calls/emails in between sessions.

03 - Work sheets

04- Tools to help you track your progress.

01 — A Clear vision of what you want in life.

02 — Confidence in Yourself & Life.

03 — The capability of Seizing The Opportunities Life Offers.

04 — The ability to realize Your Full Potential.

05 — Knowing your strengths and abilities and using them.

What you can expect from working with me: 

01 — Loving and Accepting Yourself

02— Regaining Confidence in Yourself & Life

03 — Realizing Your Full Potential

04— Identifying Your Strengths & Abilities

05 — Dismantling The Obstacles Holding You Back

06 — Identifying & Seizing The Opportunities Life Offers

07 — Discovering Your Passion & Joy

08 — Identifying, Articulating, & Enacting Your Life Mission

Her advice and tools helped me to see clearly.

"Natalie's approach is very sweet, but effective. Her advice and tools helped me to see clearly and make the necessary changes to my life. I immediately felt a transformation in me."

- Maria José Gavadia Caceros



Whether it be health, wealth, well-being, relationships, or something else, we'll begin by co-creating a refined, precise vision of your future; a vision that lays out the path to fruition, and clearly marks the steps necessary to reach our destination. We will get there not by chance, but by CHOICE. And, I'll be there every step of the way giving advice, encouragement, and empowering motivational reminders.


By working together in an open, honest, judgment free space , we will uncover the buried, foundational mental programs holding you back. Then, we work on changing the damaging internal narratives into positives. My job is to reshape your thinking, guide you to empowered choices, build resilience, and foster great habits for life. We do this by changing the stories you tell yourself about yourself.


We work on solutions not problems. Via questions, blockage identification, lifting you from your comfort zone, and other powerful techniques, I help guide clients towards their own dynamic solutions. Once enacted, you are now firmly on the path to full creative potential, where dreams and projects can be realized.

About me

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! I’m honored.


My “awakening” happened at the age of 20. I was having anxiety attacks and sleeping issues. My mom who had just met a Chinese doctor teaching a Qigong technique and suggested I try it out. So I did and it changed my life forever. I had always been a highly sensitive being feeling everything, but learning this technique allowed me to understand the science behind energy, meditation and the impact of the balance between body, mind and heart. I dedicated 17 years of my life to this technique and meditated an average of 2 hours per day.  I experience a tremendous amount of physical, mental and emotional benefits.

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Eventually I felt the desire to explore more of the human potential and acquired a yoga teacher certification! That opened me up to even more understanding of the human body & mind potential.


While I was a language teacher for adults, students would come to my desk, not to speak about grammar, but to have my advice on health, well-being, harmony in relationship, self-esteem, etc.

That’s when I decided to pursue a coaching certificate!


My passion is the human potential and its well-being! 

I recommend her so if you need support and guidance in your life.

I felt comfortable knowing that I would not be judged and that I would be welcomed as I am. We worked on my relationships, my self-esteem and my struggle with food. Her approach is direct but gentle! I recommend her so if you need support and guidance in your life.

- Mariane Bartlet

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