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Stimulate and balance your energy

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According to the fundamental principles of traditional Chinese medicine, everything is energy. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are moved by our life energy (Qi).


 Depending on the seasons, emotions, wounds... this vital energy becomes unbalanced, causing ups and downs, discomfort, illness. Through gestures and routines that are easy to integrate into your daily life, you can stimulate all the major functions of the body and find effective responses to the ills of our modern society: stress, anxiety, insomnia, contractures and muscle pain...


 In this course, I offer you varied, simple and complementary tools to connect to your reserve of vital energy and rebalance it: energy self-massage, Do In, Qi Gong, Japanese stretching, Chinese energy diet, Korean relaxation...


3 months

$ 99,25 + Tx/month

  • Unlimited lessons


6 months

$ 89,25 + Tx/month

  • Unlimited lessons

  • Save $ 60

  • Receive 2 cork Yoga blocks FREE (value of $60 before taxes)


12 months

$ 72 + Tx/month

  • Unlimited lessons

  • Save $ 60

  • Receive 2 cork Yoga blocks and 1 Deluxe Studio 6mm Mat FREE (value of $95 before taxes)


À la carte

1 class

$ 14 + tx

10 classes

$ 120 + tx

20 classes

$ 220 + tx


Virtual Studio

Yoga en línea

12 Months

Regular price 40$+tx/mois

  • 1 year membership for the virtual Yoga studio for only 35$+tx/month.

(Regular price 40$+tx)

  • Cancel anytime.

  • Unlimited Yoga classes.

*Only valid for online classes.

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