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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage massoterra

What is deep tissue massage? A massage is always a good way to alleviate sore muscles but with injuries and bigger hurt issues it is advisable to go for deep tissue massages. 


Through special techniques and working on a deeper level, relaxation, sore muscles and stiffness can improve at a faster rate, forcing more blood circulation, breaking scar tissues from injuries and creating a bigger impact on the psychological mind, for a faster healing.


The slow, deep strokes  reach down deep to the inner layers below the skin and improve connective tissues.The tension of sore spots can be expected to diminish with each session and relief will come spontaneously.



60 minutes ................$112,50+tx

90 minutes .................$150+tx

120 minutes ...............$200+tx



  • 30 min of reflexology for + $ 25

  • Hand paraffin treatment + $ 15

  • Back or leg exfoliation + $ 10

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