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Yoga Flow

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If you want to bring a calming and relaxing dance into your life, we suggest you try the most popular yoga in the West: Flow Yoga (Vinyasa).


As a preparation for the warm-up, the practitioner will guide you effortlessly in fluid movements linked to each other.


Add to that the conscious feeling of your own breathing, inviting you to join in special choreographed moves and slowly move into more challenging poses, holds and stretches.


As a final exercise, the instructor may choose asana floor movements for calmer effects, inspired by peace of mind and relaxation.


Although all movements are fluid and gentle, they are still physically demanding as they impose strength, flexibility and endurance.


3 months


  • Unlimited lessons

6 months


  • Unlimited lessons

  • Save $ 60

12 months


  • Unlimited lessons

  • Save $375

À la carte

1 class


10 classes


20 classes


Virtual Studio

Yoga en línea

12 Months

Regular price 40$+tx/mois

  • 1 year membership for the virtual Yoga studio for only 35$+tx/month.

(Regular price 40$+tx)

  • Cancel anytime.

  • Unlimited Yoga classes.

*Only valid for online classes.

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