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Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga classes are dynamics with repetitions of poses, breathing exercises, mantra chanting and meditation with the purpose of activating the kundalini energy. This holistic practice allows us to balance the energies in our chakras resulting in spiritual wellness.


The most important thing is what's going on in the inside. It is about the experience you have, what you feel, how you feel your energy and how you feel in your heart. This personal practice is also known as the Yoga of awareness and can be adapted to your own pace.


3 months


  • Unlimited lessons

6 months


  • Unlimited lessons

  • Save $ 60

12 months


  • Unlimited lessons

  • Save $ 375

À la carte

1 class


10 classes


20 classes


Virtual Studio

Yoga en línea

12 Months

Regular price 40$+tx/mois

  • 1 year membership for the virtual Yoga studio for only 35$+tx/month.

(Regular price 40$+tx)

  • Cancel anytime.

  • Unlimited Yoga classes.

*Only valid for online classes.

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