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Therapeutic Yoga

therapeutic yoga aylmer gatineau massote

This class is designed to help you find relief from tension and give you tricks to help different physical discomforts as well as take a moment to listen to your body and relax.


It combines yoga postures, restorative yoga and self-massage with balls to help work-out your tension and find more range of movement.


3 months


  • Unlimited lessons

6 months


  • Unlimited lessons

  • Save $ 60

12 months


  • Unlimited lessons

  • Save $ 375

À la carte

1 class


10 classes


20 classes


Virtual Studio

Yoga en línea

12 Months

Regular price 40$+tx/mois

  • 1 year membership for the virtual Yoga studio for only 35$+tx/month.

(Regular price 40$+tx)

  • Cancel anytime.

  • Unlimited Yoga classes.

*Only valid for online classes.

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